Thin Ice

It’s cold outside but I don’t know where else to go

I just want some time to breathe, some time to think

Just a little ease from the tightness of your grip

I just want to understand how one can love yet hurt you more

I just want to see why your love seems like a prison of closed walls


I’m threading on thin ice, I know it’s not far from the truth

One wrong step and I’d go deeper, one crack to lose it all

My heavy steps are just waiting for the splash, the fall

I’m still dry and breathing yet it feels like I’ve been drowning all this time

Where’s the happiness when even smiling and feeling joy had become a sin, a crime


You act as if you own every piece of me over and over again

Get jealous of your own shadow when I have been yours all along

I need to breathe, I need to live, I need to feel that I’m me for far too long

You’re making this love of ours so easy to hate

I never knew that love can just as well destroy what we tried to create


Listen Baby, I know that I’m threading on thin ice

One wrong step and we’ll be drowning and be out of sight

Is this love that’s burning and hurting both of us inside?

I don’t really understand, I don’t really know if this is what love should be

But whatever it is, it’s breaking every inch of you and me.


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