People say that all the things that we have are just temporary—our looks, our money, our position, everything that we have, they could all be gone in a blink of an eye.
I guess that is why most politicians hang on to the power and influence that they have, knowing quite well that when it’s gone, everything that came with it would be gone too.
It’s in their natural animal instinct, the will to survive, especially in a jungle where claws and fangs are quite hidden from the naked eye, behind smiles and friendly handshakes.
Some politicians, however, had forgone the pretense altogether. Months before the elections and the claws are already trying to bleed their opponents to death, their acerbic tongues slandering the very existence of their “enemies.”
It’s the rule of the jungle, survive or be killed. And for most, losing is not an option. They have made enough enemies to last them a lifetime and their power and position is the only thing that is keeping them from total annihilation.
“You don’t have real friends in politics, just allies and enemies, and even those two can change in a heartbeat,” a politician once said. And that’s where they have gone wrong.
The greed for power had awakened their most basic animal instinct, driven by the idea that in this modern jungle, there are only two options: to survive or die.
They have all forgotten the fact that even politics is just temporary, not really worth collecting lifelong enemies and people who wants your body cut into pieces.
Watching politicians on the television is like watching a telenovela on primetime. You see them smile at each other, congratulate each other, being nice to one another, all the while waiting for the chance to pounce.
Keep your friends close but your enemies closer; that’s the mantra. They have forgotten the fact that these “enemies” they want to annihilate are nothing more than just the competition, nothing more, nothing less. What made them the enemies is that of their own doing.
Everything is for now yet they are willing to gamble the rest of their lives just for the sheer idea of winning, even when nothing actually gives them the assurance that they would actually win the polls.
When the election ends and everything goes back to the semblance of peace, win or lose, all they really earn are enemies and allies who would cut their throat the very minute they blink their eyes and have their guards down.
Is it worth it? I am not sure. I am not a politician. But given the chance, I’d rather be able to sleep well without the fear of something killing me in my sleep after all the hullabaloo is done.
After all, everything is for now, and I’d rather that “for now” actually ends when it is over. #


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