The people around us would always point out that we may not be born to be great but we are expected to do something good with the life that we have. This should be true for everyone who has ever been given the chance to breathe no matter what social status, physical feature and financial capability they have.
Of course it would be harder for the likes of us who have to fight for everything, even for the space that we take in this world but there should be no excuse, all of us were born to be great in our own ways.
So what happened?
We have become complacent. We have been brought up in a world where everything is at the tip of our fingers. The paths that we take are the paths that have been decided for us by a society that expects nothing more from us but to follow.
And maybe that is the problem. We have gotten used to having other people decide where we are going, that in the end, we never get anywhere. We have this focus on “personal greatness” that we never really get to be anything in the end.
Jose Rizal, Andres Bonifacio, Gabriela Silang and all the other nameless heroes of our history didn’t focus on being great. They didn’t do all the things they have done with the thought of having their lives studied in the universities nor did they dream of having their monuments be erected in all the corners of the archipelago. They did what they have to do in order to bring forth a Philippines that is free.
For our generation, it’s a fight on who would be able to earn the biggest salary, build the biggest house, travel more, or at the most mundane, who would have a better post in Facebook or who would have the most controversial tweet in Twitter.
We live in a world of materialistic hypocrisy where passion is mostly connected to money instead of what we really want and what we can do for other people. Where once every Juan and Maria are given a chance to be good not only for themselves but for others, now they are being trained to be nothing but a breathing peso sign or a dollar sign for that matter.
So whose fault is this travesty? Look around but don’t forget to look in the mirror as well. The generic tin can is open but we really don’t have to jump in just to be packaged like everyone else. It is our choice to either be processed like everyone else or be someone different.
Maybe THIS is the war that we need to fight but that it wasn’t given enough care to start fighting. And this is what we have to offer to the future generations, a life inside a tin can. I just hope that this would expire soon enough so that we can have something new, and hopefully, make a difference that would not only affect our own lives but the generation that is yet to come after us. #


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