Envying the Poor

hear the clutter of your worthless silver

the sound of disembodied martyrs from your hands

see that genuine smile answering your frown

the glee of home in their eyes no matter how you put them down

The space they stole in your perfect world

a patch of gray and black, their paradise, your dirt

those untouched bread you’ve thrown in disdain

a treasure more than gold and pearl in their make believe game

Every excess is of a treasure waiting to be found

your dumps, their salvation, like hungry hounds

their feast is with what you leave lying on the floor

dreaming of wild berries and apples, no matter how dirty and small

Yet, it is with them that silver linings are real

that darkness is just a passage, so is fear

if faith will be wealth then poor they will never be

for they live by the fact that happiness should be free

Look at them, your brothers in the streets

with their smile brighter than that of your polished ships

look at how your worthless silver turns into a ray of sunshine

in their nondescript world they have found more of the divine

They have never forgotten the simple things in life

like being together, brothers and sisters, husbands and wives

barbaric and crude their gestures maybe

but love is shown like a bird gliding, flying, and free

Now tell me, is there anything to envy?


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