Fake it Till We Make it (SONG LYRICS)

There’s a whirlwind around me

And I don’t know where it goes

Far away from here I’m sure

Probably to another shore

And I’ll wake up in a daze

In the middle of a crowded place

A myriad of faces I never knew

That’s when I’ll start to look for you


I’ll close my eyes and think of you

Both the good and the bad we had

Grab my guitar and look at the horizon

And pretend that I see you there


I’m gonna fake it till we make it

Make believe it’s all okay

Gonna keep on walking slowly

Until we have the same pace

Pretend you didn’t have a change of heart

Live a lie for another day

Cause I believe that you’ll be back again, someday

There’s a storm inside of me

A cry waiting to be heard

Oh it says I miss you baby

It’s been a long and lonely road

We keep spinning around in circles

Thinking life would make it work

But I’m done waiting for a chance

So I’ll take the first step before all of this is gone


Call me stupid, call me crazy

But I believe in us

If i had to turn the world around

And drag it to a crash

I will, just to be beside you again


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