The rainy seasons had just officially started yet you can already see them strutting all over the country, already visible to the naked eye, making you wonder if it was just you who didn’t really notice their existence up to now.
It was like the first rain of June had finally brought them out from hiding, croaking at every moment they are given the chance to, croaking even when there is a need for silence.
At times, it seems like they are trying to catch up for all the time that they have spent in silence, the time they have spent isolating themselves, the times that they were on their own, away from the prying eyes of the people.
Soon as the first drop of rain touches their skin, the air started to be filled with their voices, unwavering and relentless, forcing their way to anyone who was within earshot, making them listen to a melody that we are just way too familiar with. Maybe it had even started before that, at least for some it did.
And no, I am not talking about frogs. Compared to them, the amphibians are a lot tamer. The frogs at least know when to stop yapping.
With still about four more months before the actual filing of candidacy, we are now being bombarded by so-called infomercials and interviews and guestings of politicians aspiring for yet another term in the office or those who are aiming for yet another position in the government.
You blink and they would just be out there all of a sudden, doing everything in front of a live audience or in front of a camera, to be applauded, to be seen, to be visible, to be remembered.
All that is missing is the “Vote for Me” sign and it could have been considered as a full-fledged campaign material.
If this had been in the field of sports, beginning the game prematurely would either cause an athlete’s disqualification or the restart. Either way, the athlete who made that mistake would be at a disadvantage.
But they are wiser than that. They have done their homework. They have learned how to stretch the small loophole in the law and had made it into a deep gaping lagoon of possibilities that they could use for their own advantage.
No, they do not actually tell a person to vote for them during the elections. That would be against the rules.
The rule, however, does not prevent them from hinting on the possibility of them running for the upcoming elections.
Technically, they are not campaigning, since they never asked for anyone to vote for them. The rule gives them that much of a leeway even when common sense dictates that it is exactly what they are doing.
How the Philippine Constitution ended up being more lenient than that of sports rules is just ridiculous but it’s the reality.
How our public servants had become more cold-blooded than a frog croaking under the rain, however, is no longer surprising.
So how are we going to survive the 2016 elections?
For one, we stop kissing frogs. #


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