Decency is just another meaningless word in the dictionary, or at least that’s how it seems these past few days.

From the out and out lying on national television to taking credit for something that they have nothing to do with all over the social networking sites to competitor sabotage and blatant misrepresentation at public bidding up to the welcome tarpaulins that shows the face of the politician instead of the person being welcomed; there really isn’t an ounce of shame left for some people.

Quoting Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago in one of her speeches, “Ang kakapal lang ng mukha!”

And let’s be honest, that’s really the most appropriate description for some people.

I am a firm believer that people should follow their dreams, do everything they can to reach it, but they should at least learn to not go as far as becoming the nation’s living nightmares.

Now I know exactly where the Pabebe girls are getting it from and it’s just sick.

These people have the power to change the tides of the country, the influence to make a great deal of difference, the position to create a Philippines that could be at par with the other countries in the world, yet what do they do? They use it for their own advantages, not even caring for the people around them.

What is more frustrating is the fact that most people actually ignore this blatant insult to their intelligence. They have accepted this as a part of the status quo and just look at it as part of the norm even when nothing about it is normal.

The whole country is half asleep when it should be awake. The people are just ignoring the issues when they should be filled with rage.

But maybe that’s part of the reality too, that most of us Filipinos have chosen to be complacent, to ignore the truth.

Maybe a cup of coffee should be forced upon every Filipino, for them to get out of their forced slumber, for them to wake up.

As for those “people”, they should be drowned in a pool of the strongest coffee in the world, and maybe, just maybe, their cold selfish and self-absorbed heart would actually beat for once.#


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