I guess it is strange how people sometimes meet
When everything just seems to be in tune with the beat
One glance, one smile, that moment you take the chance
Or letting yourself go and just standing up to dance

There is that kind of music that only a few people can hear
That beat of the world mingled with both happiness and fear
A kind of melody that would take you away somehow
Making you sway and grind without really knowing how

And somewhere in between the music that never stops
You find a kindred soul and everything just pops
The beat that you thought only you would know
You’ll see on someone else, like that of the movies, like that of a show

And that’s where the magic finally really begins
Finding something somewhere and you can’t help but dig in
Take a chance, a leap of faith, and find something good
Love or Friendship? It didn’t matter from where we stood

‘Cause nothing is ever perfect when it’s only just beginning
When you miss a note or two, it doesn’t mean that you stop singing
The world is never perfect, that we both knew
But is perfection really more important than of the moment being true?

No preservatives, no additives, no artificial coloring
Just two people finding comfort in each other’s being
And even with the distance, I know someday I’d find a clue
Why fate have brought us together, why I met someone like you

Because maybe, just maybe, there is a reason why we cross roads
Just when life have gone weary and the nights had been so cold
I guess, one day, I’ll think about that stranger from once upon a time
About that one person whose life, whose very existence had rhymed with mine

If it is still unclear, all these words I’m saying to you
I’m simply trying to say thank you for being you
And someday, when our roads would cross and meet again
I do hope with all my heart that we would still be friends


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