You don’t dream of the stars when you’re wide awake
Or that of willful longing for a new day to break
You don’t get lost in the oblivion of your fancy dreams
Because always, always, reality is far harsher than it seems

You don’t close your eyes when you’re about to run
Towards a future almost bleak, when everything is almost gone
You have to keep them open, to see what’s real and true
For dreaming is for the dead, not for the living, not for me and you

But once in a while, someone would change the tides of time
When you least expected, when mediocrity is starting to feel fine
Someone, somewhere, would try to make your dreams come true
That you have to pinch yourself to see if it’s really happening to you

An opportunity? A way? Suddenly all the fantasies start to look real
The things you only hoped for, the things you never thought you’d feel
Are now just a step away, all you need is to reach a hand
For once the world is kind enough to actually give you a chance

One by one, all you hope for are turning real, no more castles in the air
When the only limit that you have is on how much you’d try to dare
And somehow, even when things doesn’t really feel so true
It will happen because someone started to believe in you


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