The musty smell of dust drenched by the rain
The strong scent of the beer that could drown any pain
A whiff of grease on the fried meat rolled in a ball
Alas, your lingering scent that is drowning it all

The sight of your smile and the pain in your eyes
Of those pink full lips that is covered with lies
Of those arms that would never hold me close
And those simple glance, if only I can have another dose

The warmth of your hand holding mine
Or how just your mere presence makes me feel fine
That irritating way that you play with my head
Making me beg for one more time, one last time, so bad

The words you speak getting right to my heart
All the confusing words you have told me from the start
And those soft whispers, those I didn’t want to hear
Pushing me to the brink, down to my deepest fear

The taste of your lips that I would never know
Or the sweet bite of affection that you never show
A tempting seduction, one of which I want to be free
Because I never really know what you want from me

To feel, to smell, to see, to hear, to touch
I’ve never wanted anything for myself this much
You’ve always what I’ve waited for, that I have known
But the love you can give was never for me to own

So I’m lost in my own oblivion, just hanging by a thread
Why have I ever let you mess with my heart and my head?
Too close to forget, just far enough so that I can never reach
I’m just a wood on the floor, a plank, a tile made of beech


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