I’ll drown it all down with a myriad of words
Between rhymes and patterns
Between metaphors and the likes

Or put it plainly, hiding everything on plain sight
In between fantasy and reason
That line between truth and lies

I’d laugh in the confusion of what if’s and what not’s
Fake it with a mask or a smile
It would be over soon enough

Cause this beating, this stirring that I feel within me
I’m not strong enough for this
Not now, not this soon, not for you

So don’t begrudge me if I fake it until it is all gone
Let me pretend, let me laugh
Even though you will never be mine

One last time, one last chance, one last one more time
Just until it’s over, until I grow strong
To face all the pain on my own

Don’t look into my eyes or try to see what I’m trying to hide
It’s not your burden to carry
Not your nightmare to face

It was my own misgiving, my own mistake to cope with
So don’t see through me
At least not until it’s gone without a trace


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