Forgive me, my heart, you shattered again
Scattered on the floor, blurry through the tears
You’re pieces that was never fixed broke like before
And the blame is all on me for sure
Forgive me, my heart, I never did know
That I’d hope and wish and dream as always
I thought you’d be strong enough this time
Strong enough to not break ever again
Forgive me, my heart, I was back to being foolish
Daydreaming of a life that I knew will never be
I have never learned, that’s just how everything seem now
And it’s you who keep getting the blow
Forgive me, my heart, for I cannot promise you
That a love that is true is out there, waiting, just waiting
More mistakes are to come, maybe until you’re really gone
And nothing is left but the empty shell where you once had been
Forgive me, my heart that I have learned to love
All I have brought you is pain, all those hurt, the misery
And in time, I will, yet again, like before, like right now
And all I can wish for is that you’d survive every blow somehow
Forgive me, my heart, forgive me
For patching you up, for keeping you beating
Just to drop you over and over again
Forgive me, my heart, you have to forgive
Because one day, we’ll be going through the same thing again
So forgive me, my heart, please forgive me
I hope you would learn to understand that this won’t be the last time


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