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There isn’t much to say really. I’m just your average guy who loves to read and write stories and scripts. On second thought, that doesn’t actually make me an “average guy” but an average nerd but you get my drift, hopefully.

As of current, I am a reporter, assistant layout artist, and the marketing executive for The Voice of Sierra Madre, a weekly regional newspaper in Cagayan Valley, Philippines, mostly because I have to eat and just writing what is on my mind would not be enough to feed me.

I am also a member of Teatro Publico, a community theater group in Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines, the only group who seems to think that what I write are “golden”.

When I am not working, I’m usually in front of my laptop and trying to just write anything that comes into mind so it’s not surprising that I actually have a lot of unfinished scripts, novels, poems, and the lot on my hard drive.

I love the beach, mountain climbing, trekking, jogging and coffee, which is the most important thing. And as you can see, I love writing.

If you have read until this part, WOW!

You either have that much free time on you or you’re just bored. But thanks.

I hope you enjoy my little site. Happy reading!



  1. hi jmaunulat! i am from USC theater guild cebu city. our guild would like to stage your script “ang pipit”, can we? please! i’m hoping for your very positive and favorable response. thanks!


  2. Hi Sugar, I think this would be a very delayed message. Sara and the others had already contacted me through FB. I actually forgot all about this page until Sara messaged me. 🙂


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